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What is this?

Sahaja Yoga is the metascience, philosophy and method of inner self-development founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Srivastava in India in 1970. The practice of Sahaja Yoga is based on the awakening of the inner subtle energy called Kundalini, which is usually dormant. The maternal qualities of Kundalini energy provide inner support for humans and help to get rid of internal contradictions by putting in order our subtle centers and uncovering inborn potential – wisdom, discrimination, creativity, generosity, ability to be impartial – that is inherent in everyone from birth.

Sahaja Yoga is simple and open to the general public.


Public programs  

We invite You to the workshop on Fridays (Kesklinn, Jakobsoni 14, see details).

and weekly meditations on Saturdays
(Lasnamae, Lindakivi Keskus, see details)

Programs are held as lectures and practice, no yoga mats. 

Free admission.


Come and see for yourself...


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According to ancient manuscripts, the awakening of Kundalini (spiritual Self-realization, Moksha, Atmasakshatkar) is a sacred event that happened in extremely rare cases in the past, when a seeker (sadhak, disciple) passed all possible tests and completed full inner cleansing himself. Sahaja Yoga method involves an alternative sequence of events. First, the man receives his personal awakening of internal energy. Due to this he becomes capable of identifying his own subtle body state and correcting it. One can improve his habits and behavoiur by using more simple methods.


The Self-realization as a process takes place just in a moment when we are ready for it. So, our inner Mother, the Kundalini energy, which is located in the sacrum born, rises along the spine, and after crossing the Agniya chakra (the optic chiasma) comes to area of  collective awareness. Our subtle system  becomes connected to the all-pervading power of Divine Love. One becomes aware of the existence of this universal power, receives her support and knowledge about himself and about others. Human being comes into balance, and becomes his own master.

Self-realization sequence

Many people have received their Kundalini awakening by using Sahaja Yoga method even at home while sitting in front of a computer. We suggest You trying it out on your own experience now.

1. Sit in a chair and relax. Keep your back straight but without tension. It is better to take your shoes off. Put your left hand with palm upwards on your lap, look at Shri Mataji's picture. Your right hand we will be nourishing your own subtle centers on the left side. Each statement should be repeated several times.

2. Put your right hand on the heart and ask the question inside: "Mother, am I the pure Spirit? Am I the pure eternal being?" (ask three times)

3. Put your right hand on the upper left part of the abdomen below the ribs and ask: "Mother, am I my own master?" (ask the question three times)


4. Move your left hand on the lower part of the abdomen, and ask: "Mother, please give me the pure knowledge." (repeat 6 times)

5. Put your right hand back to the upper left part of abdomen and say affirmation: "Mother, I am my own master." (repeat 10 times)

6. Move the hand higher to the heart on the left and say: "Mother, I am the pure Spirit." (repeat 12 times)

7. Move your right hand on the left shoulder to the place where your arm and neck are connected to the torso. Relax your neck and tilt the head to the right, say: "Mother I am not guilty." (repeat 16 times)

8. Raise your right hand on the forehead bowing the head forward and say several times: "I forgive everyone."

9. Put your right hand on the back of the head and tilt your head, say: "Mother, please forgive me all my mistakes."

10. Put your right hand on the fontanel bone area on your head, pull up fingers. Do a circular massage on your head in a clockwise direction with good pressure. Ask: "Mother, please give me my Self-realization. Please establish my Self-realization." (repeat 7 times).


Raise your right hand over the head to a height of 10-20 cm and check your feeling in the center of the palm and on fingertips. After Kundalini awakening there is a feeling of a light cool breeze coming out from the top of the head.

Kundalini energy in the active state performes big regenerative work in human being. Most effectively it happens  during Sahaja Yoga meditation. So, a gradual full opening of human qualities is taking place. Many mental and physical problems are solved this way. We invite you to visit the Sahaja Yoga programs, where you can learn all the details.




The transformation of the individual into a deeper, understanding and developed personality is the challenge posed in front of many contemporary theories and practices, schools of self-development as well as ordinary people. This aim is achieved in Sahaja Yoga by using the enormous potential inherent in each of us in the form of subtle energy Kundalini. This energy has the maternal qualities and its only concern is our complete well-being on both our physical and subtle level.Typically, Kundalini in humans remains dormant in the sacrum coiled up into three and a half.


Our errors with respect to ourselves and others violate the normal functioning of our subtle centers (chakras). When this occurs, the Kundalini moves to the appropriate center and tries to clean it. Its manifestation and regenerating action is much more effective in the case of a man whose Kundalini is already awakened. The movement of the Kundalini along the spinal column and its subtle work performed on the chakras can be distinguished by realized people through the sensations


that are called vibrations. The main indicator of this work is the cool breeze on the palms, fingertips and over your head.

In a case of absolutely pure personality, Kundalini rises to the seventh subtle level and remains there permanently, bathing the individual in a continuous flow of the all-pervading power of Divine Love (Paramchaitanya).


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Subtle system  


Human development is regulated from inside by seven subtle centers and three energy channels namely left channel (Skt. Ida Nadi), right channel (Skt. Pingala Nadi) and central channel (Skt. Sushumna Nadi). The left channel is used for emotions and desires, it is associated with the past. The right side determines our physical activity, action. It is associated with the future. Central channel enables spiritual development, evolution on a personal and collective level. In an ideal state, the right and left side are used by the person to the same extent, which in turn enables active work of the central evolutionary channel and the seven subtle centers.

Subtle system

Mooladhara chakra

This center was created from the element of Earth. It is known as the most important because it provides the basis for the ascent. It supports the raising of the Kundalini energy. Qualities that emits a person with a good Muladhara are chastity, innocence, wisdom, purity, devotion to the higher spiritual values.


Swadhisthana Chakra

This chakra is created from the element of Fire. Balanced Swadhisthana manifests the qualities of creativity and patience. Humans with awakened Kundalini can feel the cool breeze of cosmic energy Paramchaitanya on the palms and overhead with the help of Swadhisthana. Those who achieve the absolute purity of this chakra obtain the complete knowledge of themselves and others.

Nabhi and Void

Nabhi Chakra and Void

Nabhi chakra is created out of the element of Water. The qualities that are revealed in a person with a clean Nabhi are generosity, contentment, balance and adherence to the universal laws of evolution (dharma). The subtle area that surrounds Nabhi is called Void. This area as well as Nabhi is connected with Water. It contains the principles of teaching and discipling.


Anahata Chakra

This center was created out of the element of Air. In a person with good Anahata it is manifested the qualities of simple existence, joy, courage, maternal care for others, compassion and responsibility.


Vishuddhi Chakra

Visuddhi was created from the element of Ether (environment, space). Openning of its qualities makes a person capable of expressing full respect for themselves and others, being collective and unattached.


Agnya Chakra

This center was created from the element of Light (Fire). The man with clean Agnya chakra has no destructive conditionings and manifests a pronounced capability to forgive. Such people can keep a state of thoughtless awareness for so long as it is practically necessary.


Sahastrara Chakra

This center unites the qualities of the first six chakras. The full opening of Sahastrara occurs automatically when all the other six chakras are perfectly clean. Sahasrara allows a person to plunge into the ocean of joy and constantly stay connected with the Collective Аwareness.




Morning Radio interview, Vancouver, CA, 1981 (Eng.)

Shri Mataji high-resolution photos


Shri Mataji in Hampsted, London, UK, 1982